Sunday, January 22, 2012


One of the great parts of being a closet tgurl is that you can always seem to find something even more embarrassing about yourself and what you like. Tampons are the latest example for me. Real girls have to hate them, but tgurls can use them as another way of feeling super, super girly. I can hardly think of anything more sissy than lubricating a tampon and inserting it into your ass. I feel so womanly every time I do it.

I used to be totally scared of doing this, too. I was worried to death that it would get stuck up inside me. Can you imagine the panic and shame of going to an emergency room to have a tampon removed from your butt? Wow!

But it's just not going to happen. Gurls, trust me on this. It's okay. You can do it. First you get the thrill of buying tampons in a regular store. I strongly recommend buying tampons with plastic applicators. They go in much easier. Leave the OB tampons for the real girls. Some tgurls seems to like Playtex brand but I don't like the feel of the part you push to shove the cotton into you. Hard to hang onto, in my experience. Me, I'm a Kotex kind of gal. Oh, and the store brand tampons (like Walgreen's) suck.

Of course you will attempt to camouflage your purchase by also buying a bunch of "normal" stuff. It won't really matter, though. The clerks don't care what the fuck you are buying. And even if they do, so what? You will still get out of the store alive and with your nice box of tampons. Remember to buy a tube of KY jelly as well. You are going to need it.

Okay, you are now back home with your feminine hygiene product. Good for you! Go into the bathroom, pull down your panties, take the tampon applicator out of it's plastic wrapping, and lube it up really well with KY. Take another dollop of KY on your finger and get some into your ass. You want to be well lubricated. Okay, now insert the applicator into your butt. Don't be a pussy with your ass-pussy -- get it up there pretty good. Now push the plunger and feel the tampon slide into your sissy hole. Slide the used applicator back out again. Oh honey, does that not feel good? Don't you feel just like a real woman? Look at the string hanging out of your ass, you little sissy. What a gurl you are!

Now go masturbate like a good gurl. When you're done, it's time to pull out your tampon. Grab the string firmly (maybe dry off your hand first, dear, so it does not slip though your sticky fingers). Pull gently. Don't tug, just pull with moderate force and let things gradually start to slide out. It will come out, and if you used a lot of KY it's not even going to hurt. Don't panic and yank too hard. Just coax it out, gently but firmly. There you go! Now don't flush it -- it will gum up your pipes. Wrap in toilet paper and throw in the wastebasket. All done!

Was that not fun? You bet your sissy ass it was, sweetness.


greenhawk46 said...

it'd be fun to watch that whole operation, including you wanking, totally hot and sexy xxx Jim

courtney coxx said...

Yes I totally agree. Tampons are one of the most sissy things you can do. I have been using them regularry on and off when I want feel extra sissy. I agree make sure you buy the better ones with the plastic applicator and use a nice amount of KY jelly.

I always use the "Super" or "Plus" sized ones the largest size to fill me more, so I know its there, as the string dangles out, like a girl on her cycle.

I always make sure I purchase them from a pretty female clerk to shame me more and must be dressed under my male things. With items that may possibly show through like a bra or something.

I also love to take a extra tampon when I shop for female clothing at the store. So at some point I can head to the bathroom and to change my tampon just like a woman would.

Sarah St. Claire said...

Wonderful post! I am also a huge fan of tampons but I enjoy wearing them for more than just wanking. Knowing that I have one buried deep in my ass helps to reinforce the fact that I am a sissy since a real man would never willing insert a tampon up his ass let alone be thrilled at the idea. To me, tampons are an icon of femininity and I adore them!

Fi-fi LeFemme said...

Oh I sooooo love to insert a tampons in my sissy hole! It makes me feel sooooo naughty and gurly!

Lacey Gurlll63 said...

I like to tie a small jingle bell from a X-Mas earring to my string and hang it out of my thong so hat it jingles under my mini while I walk. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love to feel them in my sissy cunt. I have used three at once. Love that full feeling all day ad I walk around .

Nothing said...

Yes, wearing a tampon is so girlie, I love practicing this most intimate feminine act. I also love the look on a mans face when after sex, and hie cums inside my sissy pussy, I stand up and insert a tampon in right away. Doing it in the presence of a man is hot, and when he smiles, I always say, with devotion, "now your spermies will be safe inside me!!"


Anonymous said...

Love the experience of using tampons. After my daily enema. I love that deep clean feeling. I play with my anal toys. Then I put in 1-4 tampons. They asorb the residual water and swell up.
I love how they feel as I walk around all day especially at the mall. I wonder how many girls are walking by with their first tampon.

Would love to be able to go to the ladies room and get a tampon from the tampon dispenser. Then go in the stall and put it in knowing ladies watched me get one from the dispenser.
Love to trade pics. I also use...KIK....photousa
Yahoo messenger....photousa

Dambue said...

I am a closet sissy /crossdresser I am a beginner need help

Dambue said...

I am a closet sissy /crossdresser I am a beginner need help

Dambue said...

I am a closet sissy crossdresser beginner needs help

Anonymous said...

Love to chat about using tampons

gillian gardiner said...

My gf was very supportive of my being as fem as possible at home. She bought sexy things for me to wear both in and out of bed. I once asked her what if felt like to have her period and to use both a tampon and a pad. She just smiled. The next time her period came around she asked me if I really wanted to know what it felt like to wear a pad and use a tampon. Of course I did. She helped me insert my first ever tampon. I nearly had an orgasm. Then she peeled a used pad out of her panties and put it into mine. She pulled my panties up snug between my legs. She had just started her period that day and was flowing heavily. My god--the feeling was out of this world. Warm, wet, with a combined fragrance of the scented pad and her own scent. When I sat down I could feel a lovely squishy feeling combined with the fullness of the tampon inside me. It was so good that it became a monthly ritual. For five days or so I "shared" her period with her. It was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

So glad you could experience your first fem period along with you gf.