Sunday, February 11, 2018

Story time: "Young Bride"

I've written a couple of original stories. I posted them on Fictionmania under the user name Gurl Friday. Anyway, I figure why not re-post them here, too? Here is the oldest one.

"Young Bride"

It’s true that my marriage is somewhat different than most.  I have been dominating my young spouse for several years now, since before we were married.  One of my female friends introduced me to her younger brother, Lonnie, who was only twenty years old at the time.  I was thirty two.  I liked him immediately – perhaps you could say I saw potential.  Lonnie was living with his sister, Kay, while he was attending the local college.  She asked him if he would like to go out on a date with me.  He said yes, even though he was a little intimidated by the fact I was twelve years older than him.

We had been dating for about two months when one night he stood me up.  I called Kay the next morning and told her that I was furious with him.  Kay said to come over and we would get to the bottom of it.  When I arrived three of my other girlfriends were also there.  We all sat down in the living room.  Kay explained that Lonnie had been out with some friends of his, had got drunk, and more or less passed out in his bedroom.

Kay left us in the living room and went into Lonnie’s room.  She returned with a slightly-ill looking Lonnie and told him to apologize to me for his behavior the previous evening.  He acted as if leaving me alone without so much as a phone call was no big deal.  He said he wouldn’t apologize because no one owned him and he could do as he pleased.  He made as if he was going to return to his bed, but I was not done with him yet.  My friends and Kay were every bit as appalled at his behavior as I was.  Before he could leave the room, my friends grabbed him and dragged him over to the couch, bending him over the back of it.  He was struggling and swearing, but it did him no good.

One of my girlfriends took hold of Lonnie’s gym shorts and pulled them down to his ankles, along with his underwear.  His tight little ass was now exposed to all of us.  Kay turned to me and said, “This young man needs to be taught some respect.”  She then suggested I give him a good hard spanking.  I did just that, and by the time I was finished, his little ass was beet-red and he had apologized to me through his tears. 

A funny thing came over me as I was standing over my sobbing boyfriend.  I found I really enjoyed the sense of power I felt over him.  Although truth be told I was perfectly aware that I tended to be the bossy type, this was something taken to a new level.  While he was still bent over the couch with my girlfriends smirking at his rosy behind, I explained to him just how things would be from now on.

That was two years ago, and since then I have used the training methods that work so well with young men:  spankings and petticoat discipline.  My friends were surprised when I invited them to our wedding and then to our honeymoon suite afterwards to see Lonnie’s progress.  When they came in, I had them sit on the couch.  I had changed out of my wedding dress and into a PVC dress and some high leather boots, which got a few interesting comments from my guests.

My young spouse was still in the bedroom of our suite.  I ordered him to come into the living area.  Until a few moments before, he had no idea anyone would be joining us, and he clearly did not want to come out.  However, I insisted and he knew well enough to obey.  When Lonnie stepped out, you should have seen the looks on my girlfriend’s faces.  Lonnie was wearing his own wedding dress that I had made for him.

He was dressed in a white, d├ęcolletage dress that came down about mid-thigh.  The short skirt flared out nicely over an organza petticoat.  The low-cut neckline showed off a respectable cleavage, created by a push-up bra and some strategic padding.  It was obvious that his body hair had been shaved.  He wore white stockings and a pair of white, five-inch heels that made him totter around rather fetchingly.  An auburn wig and tastefully applied makeup, along with pearl earrings and necklace, completed the picture.  Lonnie was perfectly adorable as he stood there, waiting for the earth to open up and swallow his shame.

It did not.  Instead, my little bride was forced to endure the scrutiny of my friends.  First, came shocked silence, then a murmur of disbelief, then gales of laughter, then genuine appreciation of the transformation.  At last, they decided that my new bride was absolutely beautiful.  And I had to agree.

My friends continued to comment on how cute he looked as I instructed him to serve us drinks.  I had him lift his dress so we could see the garters holding up his stockings and his cute little panties.  After quite a while of this, with Lonnie serving us rather submissively while we chatted away, it was time for the next part of the evening.  I called him over to me, reached under his petticoats, pulled his panties down a little, and gently rolled his the head of his cockette between my thumb and forefinger.  He immediately began to get an erection.  I told my friends that I thought it was time to take care of my horny young bride, and they agreed.  I told Lonnie to go into the bedroom, and my friends made their exit, smiling and joking about what was to come next.

When I joined my new bride in the bedroom, I completely attacked him with lust.  The power I felt in controlling and humiliating him was intense, and a complete turn on.  I covered him in kisses and told him how pretty he was and how sexy.  My panties quickly grew wet, and were summarily discarded.  Pushing him down on the bed, I straddled him and ground my pussy into his exquisitely made-up face.  It was not long before I shuddered in a thunderous orgasm.

It took me a few minutes to recover.  Standing once more,  I told him it was time to consummate our marriage in the proper way.  He knew what was coming, and obediently got up on bed, facing the headboard on all fours, doggy-style.  He put his head and chest down on the mattress – head down, ass up.  I flipped his dress up over his back and pulled off his panties, exposing his cute little ass.  I ordered him to spread his legs as wide as possible and arch his back.  I strapped on a slim six-inch dildo and coated the entire length with lubricant.  With my finger, I worked more lube into his hole.

“Are you ready to become my girl?”  I asked him.  He nodded under his auburn hair.  “Say it,” I instructed him, and he repeated in a soft voice, “Yes, I’m ready to be your girl.”

I moved up behind Lonnie and gently worked the head of my dildo into his backdoor pussy.  Taking my time, I slowly pushed the rest of it all the way in and began a long, rhythmic pumping of my bride’s ass.  I gave “her” a good ass fucking.  Her clit was rock-hard and I did not think she could take much more without ejaculating.  I started talking dirty to her, calling her my little slut, my little pussy-licker, my cock-whore.  That was all Lonnie could take, and she spasmed wildly under me, torrents of hot cum shooting from her clit.  I pulled out of her and we both collapsed to the bed, spent.

A little later, Lonnie looked over at me, his lipstick mussed but still looking precious.  We were both so happy.  I sent him to the shower to clean up.  He spent most of the rest of the night licking my pussy.  This was the beginning of a wonderfully satisfying marriage; a wife and her sissy bride.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm a shoe whore. There's just no way around it. I recently gave away half a dozen pairs of women's shoes to Goodwill because I needed the space in my closet for more shoes. Getting a new pair of heels is like a drug. Anyway, my current most favoritest shoes are a pair of Steve Madden Russhh pumps. Black patent leather, five inch heels, inch and a half platforms. Pretty comfortable, too. I can walk around the house in these babies without much difficulty. I'm sure I'd be in trouble if I tried to walk around outside all day, but for a little while, it's heaven.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


She is the fucking bomb, ladies. There are old pics, but like that makes any difference? I so want to be her.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


One of the great parts of being a closet tgurl is that you can always seem to find something even more embarrassing about yourself and what you like. Tampons are the latest example for me. Real girls have to hate them, but tgurls can use them as another way of feeling super, super girly. I can hardly think of anything more sissy than lubricating a tampon and inserting it into your ass. I feel so womanly every time I do it.

I used to be totally scared of doing this, too. I was worried to death that it would get stuck up inside me. Can you imagine the panic and shame of going to an emergency room to have a tampon removed from your butt? Wow!

But it's just not going to happen. Gurls, trust me on this. It's okay. You can do it. First you get the thrill of buying tampons in a regular store. I strongly recommend buying tampons with plastic applicators. They go in much easier. Leave the OB tampons for the real girls. Some tgurls seems to like Playtex brand but I don't like the feel of the part you push to shove the cotton into you. Hard to hang onto, in my experience. Me, I'm a Kotex kind of gal. Oh, and the store brand tampons (like Walgreen's) suck.

Of course you will attempt to camouflage your purchase by also buying a bunch of "normal" stuff. It won't really matter, though. The clerks don't care what the fuck you are buying. And even if they do, so what? You will still get out of the store alive and with your nice box of tampons. Remember to buy a tube of KY jelly as well. You are going to need it.

Okay, you are now back home with your feminine hygiene product. Good for you! Go into the bathroom, pull down your panties, take the tampon applicator out of it's plastic wrapping, and lube it up really well with KY. Take another dollop of KY on your finger and get some into your ass. You want to be well lubricated. Okay, now insert the applicator into your butt. Don't be a pussy with your ass-pussy -- get it up there pretty good. Now push the plunger and feel the tampon slide into your sissy hole. Slide the used applicator back out again. Oh honey, does that not feel good? Don't you feel just like a real woman? Look at the string hanging out of your ass, you little sissy. What a gurl you are!

Now go masturbate like a good gurl. When you're done, it's time to pull out your tampon. Grab the string firmly (maybe dry off your hand first, dear, so it does not slip though your sticky fingers). Pull gently. Don't tug, just pull with moderate force and let things gradually start to slide out. It will come out, and if you used a lot of KY it's not even going to hurt. Don't panic and yank too hard. Just coax it out, gently but firmly. There you go! Now don't flush it -- it will gum up your pipes. Wrap in toilet paper and throw in the wastebasket. All done!

Was that not fun? You bet your sissy ass it was, sweetness.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the sissy take on it

Just for fun, let's look at a photo of really hot woman and then guess what a sissy is most likely to think about the picture.

Okay, I'm sure you all got this one. "OMG! What great shoes!"