Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mine go to 11

I get most of my girl clothes through on-line shopping, both eBay and stories that have a solid on-line presence. I'm really cheap, by the way, especially when it comes to female clothes (since in all honesty this stuff is not what you could call essential). Lately, I've been on a mission to get a couple of pairs of fashionable boots. Done pretty well on eBay. Part of that is coming to grips with the fact that my feet are now a women's size 11. Damn, that sounds so huge! But the size 11's fit and feel comfortable. Most of my older shoes are size 10, and they do fit. But the bigger size just fits better, so there you go. I suppose I can't get too upset that my feet do not conform to the ideal petite women's feet. It's not like the rest of me does, either. :-)

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